5 Bar Hotel in New York City you should know

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It is well known that the nightlife in New York takes place in hotels. From the most intimate and scarcely known bar, to the one where a different celebrity can be found every night, the choice is basically endless. Here is a selection of the five best for quality of drinks and atmosphere

5 Bar Hotel in New York City you should know

Library Bar – NoMad Hotel
1170 Broadway

There’s no need of being a bookworm to appreciate the incredible Library Bar inside the NoMad Hotel, in the district of Flatiron, whose main decoration is a library, high till the ceiling and full of books and newspapers. In addition to the smell of paper, there is the scent of leather armchairs and Persian carpets. The atmosphere is absolutely quiet, the mood is classic and the service impeccable.

Boom Boom Room – Standard Highline
848 Washington St

This bar is so popular that it has almost become an attraction in New York. Located on the top floor of the Standard Hotel overlooking the High Line, the elevated walk that starts from the Meatpacking and goes up to midtown, it is decorated in 70’s style with round armchairs and much velvet. Since it has a breathtaking view of the Hudson River, it is worth going at sunset.

Raines Law Room – The William NYC Hotel
24 E 39th St

Contrary to the Boom Boom, full of celebrities and home to exclusive parties, the Raines Law is a small, unknown bar, definitely off the tourist and worldly circuit. It is a place for true New Yorkers, who can find here a 5 stars service (there is a bell to call the waiter), well-made drinks and a relaxing atmosphere ideal for who wants to slow down after a day of hard work.

Rose Bar – Gramercy Park Hotel
2 Lexington Ave

The artist Julian Schnabel has restored it in 2006, and anyone can see that. How many bars, in fact, can boast his works on the walls along with those, in turn, by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Richard Prince and Damien Hirst? Despite the high ceilings, the huge fireplace and classical columns, the bar maintains an intimate atmosphere.

Jane Ballroom – Jane Hotel
113 Jane St

Halfway between a club and a bar, it is decorated with a bit of everything, from huge sofas to chairs, with even a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, and, last but not least, a stuffed goat that frowns at you if you drink too much. Ideal for drinking but also for dancing old Motown hits, over the weekend it is full of millennials and, during the week, it’s easy to meet models and celebrities who happen to be in town.

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