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Christopher Moloney – Filmography


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Visitors to the US can sometimes feel as if they are in a film set but New York journalist Christopher Moloney’s Filmography project takes that one step further: Moloney has sought out scenes from popular movies and photographed their real-life settings, overlaying them on his Tumblr blog.

One of the things that’s so impressive, particularly in the US where everything always seems in a state of flux, is how some of the sites used in films from the 1940s and 1950s have hardly changed at all, or how the same sites have been re-used for different films, sometimes using different perpectives. 

More than 250 scenes, from Before Midnight to Ghostbusters, from Black Swan to Annie Hall, are featured. Warning: hours can be sucked up over the computer, following in the footsteps of the stars… 

Buddy Bradley from Collateral 

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