Disaronno Wears Etro: when the look creates the style

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26 november 2016

Disaronno Wears Etro: when the look creates the style


For four years the iconic bottle of Disaronno has met the best of Made in Italy fashion. After Moschino, Versace and Cavalli, in 2016 it’s the turn of the iconic paisley signed by Etro


Just like a beautiful woman, the bottle Disaronno loves changing clothes. It happened for the first time in 2013. Thanks to the initiative Moschino loves Disaronno, the world’s most popular Italian liqueur dressed with a new pattern of black and red hearts. Irreverent and young, fashionable and ironic, it was presented as the bottle for those who experience fashion as something fun, and for those who don’t take themselves too seriously. The combination of Disaronno and Moschino has proved to be so successful as to start a tradition repeated every year. The most recent twinning is, in fact, that of this year, and it concerns Etro, the luxury brand that has conquered the fashion world since its founding in 1968, becoming an extremely loved brand, a symbol of elegance, tradition and creativity, strictly made in Italy.Disaronno wears Etro is classic and timeless, characteristics that also suit the legendary italian liquor Inspired by the collection of 2016, the bottle Disaronno wearing Etrowas launched last September and will be available in stores in time for Christmas. The warm colours purple and orange and the iconic paisley pattern are recurring themes that the Milanese fashion brand uses for its collections. Classy and elegant, the Disaronno wears Etro is classic and timeless, characteristics that also suit the legendary italian liquor.

Before Etro, right after Moschino, in 2014 came the turn of Versace. With a design inspired by the Versace Home Collection, the bottle Disaronno was wrapped in a light blue background with a white and gold pattern, with a design that recalled the theme of sea.

The following year, it was the turn of Cavalli. Thanks to the Florentine designer’s eccentricity and genius, the bottle with the unmistakable squared cap turned into a sexy and confident woman, wrapped in safari and exotic atmospheres, inspired by the collection Roberto Cavalli Spring / Summer 2015. Four designers very different from one another, four different sensibilities, four worlds to be told and represented, four interpretations of a bottle that becomes a woman and a muse. The choice of four fashion brands very different from each other is not trivial: the aim of Disaronno wears is indeed to create collectibles.

Even if independent in itself, each bottle acquires even greater significance when inserted in the creative path that Disaronno wanted to do in the fashion world, starting from Moschino, arriving at Etro, going through Cavalli and Versace. If speaking of Italian quality always makes sense, here it does even more: the two excellences of fashion and Disaronno not only admire each other, but they strengthen one another, until they become more valuable than the sum of their parts. Looking forward to future partnerships and to discovering the further evolutions of the initiative Disaronno Wears, the most famous bottle in the world is proudly displayed in stores, winking at fashion and style.

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